Past Productions

Centenary Drama Group.
CD Kids
1969 Variety Concert
1970 Dick Whittington
1971 Cinderella
1972 Aladdin
1973 Date Change from December to February 
1974 Jack and the Beanstalk
1975 Babes In The Wood
1976 Puss In Boots
1977 Willow Pattern Plate
1978 Dick Whittington
1979 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
          Variety Concert – Musical Variations
          Comedy Play – My Turn Next
1980 Cinderella
1981 Mother Goose
1982 Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves.
          Variety Show
1983 Aladdin
1984 Snow White and the Sevan Dwarfs
1985 Mother Goose
1986 Jack and the Beanstalk
1987 Little Red Riding Hood
1988 Dick Whittington
1989 Aladdin
          Variety Concert
1990 Cinderella
1991 Puss In Boots
1992 Humpty Dumpty
1993 Sinbad The Sailor
1994 Sleeping Beauty
1995 Beauty and the Beast
          Variety Show
1996 The Beanstalk and Jack
          Variety Show
1997 Indiana Penberthy and the Raiders of the Lost Oggy
          Variety Show
1998 The Pied Piper
          Sunmmer Show
1999 Goody Two Shoes
          Move Over Mrs Markham.
2000 Dick Whittington
          Alice The Musical
          The Manger Tree
2001 Alibaba and the Forty Thieves
          Travelling Stars
2002 Panto at the OK Corral
          Seven Sided Dice
2003 Cinderella
          Hood the Musical
2004 Little Red Riding Hood
          Dream On
2005 Humpty Dumpty
          I’ve Got Rhythm
2006 Robinson Cruscoe
          Little Shop of Horrors
2007 One Two Buckle My Shoe
         Old Time Music Hall
2008 Sleeping Beauty
         ENSA concert
2009 Old King Cole
          Disco Inferno
2010 Pied Piper
          At the Movies
2011 Pantomania
          Alice The Musical
          A Night at the Musical
2012 Percy and Boots
          Olivia The Musical
2013 Cinderella
          Peter Pan
2014 Aladdin
          Wizard of Oz
          Little Shepherd the Nativity
2015 Humpty Dumpty
          Beauty and The Beast 
          Grandpa’s Nativity Story
2016 Frankenstein The Panto
          Thoroughly Modern Millie
          Superstar the Nativity
2017 Dick Whittington
          The manger Tree
2018 Jack and The Beanstalk
          Children of Eden
          Silent Night
2019 Panto at the OK Corral
          Little Mermaid
          Bethlehem The Nativity
2020 Robinson Crusoe
2022 Puss in Boots
2022 Oliver